Global Solutions Systems

Our name is program!


Global Solutions Systems, founded in 2014, develops and organizes efficient and intelligent solutions for modern business. We specialize in the field of network marketing and offer ethical, fair and lucrative business systems for this purpose - sometimes even with worldwide unique selling points! A successful network company needs not only excellent products and a mature marketing strategy, but also the best support for customers and sales partners, as well as a serious compensation plan that allows both: dynamics and stability in the organizational development. GSS offers all this!

Project management

We take over a large part of your delegatable tasks for you, so that you can take care of your core business. We act in an integrated, holistic and solution-oriented manner. We ensure cost-effectiveness, binding overall costs and adherence to realistic schedules. Our project management services offer you professional support in the central areas of deadlines, costs, quality and organisation.
Our strengths lie in the areas of project preparation and organisation, project management, and cost/time schedule controlling. We offer special expertise in the fields of network marketing, direct selling and IT-based projects. Each project has its own unique dynamic. But with the right tools, all your projects can be planned, controlled and monitored in a targeted manner.
Leading project teams does not always run without conflicts. With the right approaches, solution-oriented working and a successful project flow is possible. We are also able to deal effectively with difficult project situations.

Distribution software

The future of sales lies in the combination of "personal support" with intelligent software systems, the famous "artificial intelligence" (AI). None of these two areas should have weaknesses. Good sales software is therefore the basis for every successful network business and enables the sales partners to work effectively, smoothly and successfully.
The smoother and more customer-friendly the software behind the business works, the greater the confidence that customers and partners place in your company. The "dynamic matrix" developed by GSS is a distribution software that is unique in the world and enables you to build up a flourishing business in the shortest possible time.
The biggest advantage of this software solution is that it supports newcomers from the very beginning and at the same time offers all "old hands" an income perspective that is extremely lucrative. This creates trust on all sides! And every investment that increases the trust of your customers and partners is an investment that pays off!

Support solutions

Communication is everything! Proximity to customers and partners is essential for a stable business development and increasing sales figures. Customer questions and concerns must be taken seriously and dealt with within a short time.
Everything revolves around solutions! The quicker and more effectively customers and partners are helped with their concerns, the stronger the relationship with the company becomes. Contacting the support should be possible at any time - that means 24/7. An answer should normally be given within 24 hours at the latest.
Support for customers and partners must be direct, free and efficient and never remain an empty promise. This is often a major challenge, especially for small businesses. GSS helps small and medium-sized enterprises in particular to meet this challenge. In this way, it is possible to retain customers in the long term.


You are a newcomer in the field of web hosting and need a little help? No problem, we are happy to advise you! All our web hosting packages are equally suitable for private, corporate and organizational use. Of course also for clubs and associations. We make no difference whether you are a private or business customer with us, we offer the same good service to all our customers.

If you order your web hosting package from us today, you can move your domain either immediately or at any other time. For example, if you want to plan the day of the move better, or if this is necessary for legal or contractual reasons with your current provider.

All our web hosting packages include free subdomains. Ideal for sub-projects, tests or experiments. They are perfect for various web-based marketing strategies in online sales. Request a non-binding offer from us.